5 reasons why writing is my favourite escape



1..jpg Because life is hard…

This is an obvious one. Life is tough and I write to escape. It’s like taking a little adventure or holiday inside my head. My ideal night-in is to sit down with a glass of wine and Microsoft Word open. Getting lost in worlds and characters I’ve created just to escape my own for a little while. There is something therapeutic to write from someone else’s perspective. I find that if I don’t write for a long while, I become restless and anxious. It’s become my go-to place when I want to just switch off.


2Book Boyfriends…

I wrote this and my actual boyfriend just give me a weird look. Haha! Before you judge me., I don’t mean that I think I’m in a relationship with a bunch of fictional dudes… come on, that’s crazy… *ahem*…All I’m saying that I love creating complex characters. Okay, so I may have a little soft spot for some of my characters. Okay, so I’m in love with one or two. But what I mean is, I love creating characters. It’s fun and interesting, which is another reason why writing is my choice of a creative outlet. Because I love creating.

3.jpgBecause I desire to be better…

I got into a massive funk a few weeks back and found myself analyzing my own life. I couldn’t believe how much I was holding myself back from being what I want to be in life. It’s mostly down to having no confidence. From having this stupid fear of rejection or failure. But hey, isn’t that life? I want to do something I love and own it. It should be that simple. If I fail, I’ll try again. I’m not the best writer out there, but I’ll write anyway. Because I love it.

4Because I don’t care what people think…

When I was in school, I was one of those really quiet, socially awkward kids that sat in the back of classes really quietly. I’m pretty sure most of my teachers thought I was a mute, or that I wouldn’t end up anywhere in life. So, yeah, I had a bit of trouble opening my mouth and speaking. I was overshadowed by most of my friends. But I observed a lot. I saw everything and heard everything. I was listener. But, I’ll admit, I was also lazy. I was an average student. Below average in some subjects. School was boring. Its safe to say that I was never going to become a nurse or anything like that. But I realised my teachers left me like that. They didn’t encourage me. They didn’t try and push me. They just thought I was ‘good’ because I didn’t disrupt that class like most of my peers. I started writing when I was thirteen. I just decided one day that I wanted to write. I submitted a short story as a creative writing essay, and the teacher put on the end of it that it was ‘mediocre’. Safe to say it shattered my confidence that followed me through the years. But now, as an adult, I want to shove that mediocre right up where the sun doesn’t shine. Who is anyone to bash someone’s writing? If it was mediocre, fair enough. I was thirteen. But yeah, I write because I don’t care. I will always write for me.

5To push myself to the limit

It’s no secret that I enjoy the darker side of writing. Why? Because darker means more. There’s just something totally satisfying pushing yourself to the limit in writing. Delving into the deepest part of emotions to create something deep, raw and edgy. It leaves you feeling accomplished and a little giddy. It’s my favourite thing about writing. Pushing myself and going there.

These are my top five reasons why writing is my escape. What are yours?

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