Behind the Screams #1



I’m sitting here with a hot cup of tea, trying to contain the excitement simmering away inside of me. Why am I excited, do you ask? Well, I’m posting my very first Behind the Screams blog post!


I’ll be posting at least one of these a week. Here, I’ll be opening up my brain and showing you what’s inside. I’ll be talking all things behind the scenes in my books. I’m talking where I pluck my inspiration from, what music I listen to, who my characters are, my pages upon pages of story arcs and so much more!

I think it’s only right that I start this off with a book that is near and dear to my heart. Let’s talk His To Keep. First and foremost, I can’t thank my readers enough for being so patient with me when it comes to this book. You’ve all read the first draft, but what’s awesome about you all is that you’re still following me through the re-write. You’re going through the same emotions I am and I love sharing that with you all.

I think-hands down-that I have some of the most kick-ass readers ever. Seriously, thank you.

His to Keep was a story that wouldn’t leave my head. Even after I finished the first draft, I was so unsatisfied. I knew the story had so much more potential and that I could do better. I could take it further. I could go darker. I could make it more. I remember it took me at least two full days to shift through thousands of comments left by you all on the first draft to figure out what was missing. New ideas and twists started to click into place and it was from then that I knew one book just wasn’t enough and that I had to go back again.







I didn’t start to understand Ava properly until draft two. When I first made her, she was just a character. But over the years, I started to truly see her. I started to see why I chose her as my main character.

Because she is so strong.

This might have people scratching their heads. Maybe even laughing. But it’s true. Obviously I know Ava a little more. I know where her story is going and what she has to face. That makes Ava a tremendously strong character. It’s fun going back and rewriting the parts of her that make her the character she is today.

Not only that, she has a heart of gold and she keeps me sane.

When tackling such a dark story, I needed a character like her. I needed a character that saw the world a little differently, saw the good in bad. A character who’s will would never break, who could still see the beauty when surrounded by so much evil. Yes, she’s innocent. Yes, she’s incredibly naive. And that’s not to say that the ordeal she goes through doesn’t change her. It does. She goes through life-changing, horrific things. But she’s a survivor and that’s why she deserves to be rooted for. That’s why she’s my main character.




Who is my all time favourite out of all my characters?





Father Aaron, also known as, Aaron Jameson, is such a blast to write. I can’t help it. Guilty pleasure hands-down. He’s a nonredeemable character, but that’s the beauty of him. There are a few incidents in his past that deserve pity, but overall, he is just one sick cookie.

There is something fun and addicting writing Aaron. Why? Because I can go there. I can push boundaries. It took me a while to connect with Aaron. He was the main reason I had to go back and re-write. I feel like now I have the opportunity to really show my readers just why this character is my ultimate villain.

And would you believe it if I told you, he has a soul?

First draft, Aaron drove me into plot holes often. It was because I didn’t have a back story. So one day, I sat down with a notepad and I swear to you now that half that notepad is filled with backstory arc on him alone.

So, just who is Father Aaron?

He’s a man with many faces. A manipulator, one hell of a liar and a huge contradict. He’s a psychopath, who believes he’s god to an extent, or that God chose him to do things. There’s a lot to Aaron that will eventually be revealed throughout the book. But that’s not to say he doesn’t have a weakness either.

And yeah, you totally guessed it.

His weakness is Ava.


Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for today. But do stay tuned for Behind The Screams #2 and other blog posts in between. Who knows what I’ll talk about next?

Bye for now!



14 Replies to “Behind the Screams #1”

  1. Yaaay blog finally, I loved all ur books till now, n re-reading some of the books again, no matter how many times I read, it still makes me emotionally connected with the characters. Keep up d writing spirit. Keep updating 😀, love ya..

  2. Dear Lydia, This is so amazing ,I really love your books, I started your books frm TWC but now am the Fan of all your books
    Keep on writing we are al there for you 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Yes! Another way I can sift through your brain. I idolise you so much, and I know you’re still drafting, but I cannot wait for the day I have books with your name on my bookshelf 💗

  4. Read all your books before and even if you’ve re-written them, the magic is still the same. I love Ava, and her innocence and strength. Without it, I’d feel guilty reading such a “dark” story. Haha. Hope you’ll really re-consider the ending for the new version

  5. It’s been who knows how long since i’ve read your first drafts and yet your stories just somehow stay fresh in my mind. That how much of an impact your stories really have on not only me, but many other readers.
    Keep up the good work, love from Canada. ❤

  6. When I saw you had a website I got SOOO excited!!! Love your writing style and the fact that you’re not afraid to write darker stories!! Can’t wait to see you continue to grow as a writer and earn the recognition you deserve!

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