Ways to get Inspired…


Hey everyone,

Before I get onto this post, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has checked out, followed and left comments on my blog so far. From the bottom of my heart, it’s much appreciated. I had these ideas just stuck in a folder for ages, so it feels good to be finally letting them out to breathe.

Today’s blog post is about inspiration.

You need it. Whether you’re writing a book, taking a picture or anything else, you need inspiration. It’s that excitement in your heart before tackling a project. The get up in go.

I’m a very creative person from since I could remember. I’ve always been creating something. But too many times have I fell victim to inspiration block. It can hit at any time and leave you in a pool of negativity. While it comes easy to some people, it can be hard to find for others.

I’m one of them.


When there’s no inspiration it’s like trying to bleed a melon. It’s impossible. I remember one time trying to force myself through it because someone suggested doing so.

“Make yourself write,” they said. “That works for me!”

I tried it and nearly had a meltdown. After spending hours trying to force something that just wasn’t there, I went to bed disheartened with a migraine. I wrote about a hundred words in total, which later had to be scrapped, because it was that bad. That happened because I wasn’t inspired.

But where to find it?

Well, to start off, life is an inspiration. Look around. Go exploring or on a little adventure. I personally like to go on little walks, whether it be in the woods or through a new town, you never know what you might see or where inspiration might hit.


Get inspiration from people. When I’m out, I sometimes find myself watching people. That might sound a little creepy, but they’ll never know if you don’t make it obvious. Haha. But when I’m out, I love to observe and make up little stories about them.

There could be an ordinary woman just sipping on a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and I’ve just made up where she’s from, what she’s thinking, ect. It gets my brain working. It helps build characteristics and enforce them into my own characters. Even if I’m just walking down the street and I see someone that looks really interesting, that can inspire me then to write.

There’s also brainstorming with someone you can trust. There’s just something so exciting about brainstorming with someone, whether that be a friend, a partner or even your mother.

Yeah, hi, mum. *waves*

It’s great, especially when that person gets just as excited as you when you’re discussing your ideas. Not only does it help you put your story or projects into perspective, talking about it will make you eager to do it.

Last time I did it, I was so pumped. My inspiration meter was full to the top and the words just flowed out of me like expensive bubbly champagne being poured into a crystal glass. Smooth, flowy and a whole lot of bubble.


You can also try reading. If you’re a writer, not only does this inspire you, it could also help you with the writing aspect. I’m a self-taught writer. I learned everything from reading. To get inspiration from reading, think of what genre your story is and try and find books from the same area.

For instance, say if I’m writing my werewolf book, The Wolf Cave, I’ll read other werewolf books. If I’m writing my dark romance books, I’ll read other dark, edgy romance books. If reading doesn’t work, try listening to music, watch movies or TV series. Go to an art gallery and look at art. Look at photographs. Even go back into your own memories.


But the one greatest tip I can give you is to wait. If nothing is happening, if the words aren’t flowing and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, just wait. Stop, take a breather, do something else and try again when you feel like it.

Forcing something that isn’t there won’t help. If you feel bad when other writers seem to be doing so much and you’re struggling to write a sentence, it’s okay. You’re not alone and that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it.

Writing can come easy to some people, while it can come harder to others. There’s nothing wrong with that. Wait for inspiration to find you, and when it does, own it.



Thanks for reading!


2 Replies to “Ways to get Inspired…”

  1. Hi there I just wanted to say that you’re amazing! I followed you since the beginning I think haha and you did great and still do and your blog is awesome we just learn more about you and it’s just the beginning:)!!
    Voilà! I’m gonna stop now.
    Take care

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