Behind The Screams #2

fdgfdWelcome to the second installation of Behind the Screams. I’ve been dying to howl about this for ages. Yes, lame pun absolutely intended. Let’s talk The Wolf Cave, because I know you’re all eager to get into my head about this book. Quite possibly just to see what is going on.

But first, before I do that, I just want to thank you all. Yes, again. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough. I wouldn’t say that I’m a socially awkward person, but I get overwhelmed by the response. The likes and follows are appreciated and make my day.

Anyway. The Wolf Cave. Where to begin?

I’ve been working on this book for years. I finished the first draft on Wattpad a few years ago and left it for about a year and half while I worked on other things. At the time it accumulated over 17 mil reads and was one of my most popular books online.

But I had a problem.

I wrote the first draft when I was young and struggled continuing the series. Eventually the writers block became that bad I had to eventually stop. An author once said that showing your first draft to people is like being naked in public. I shared this book online. I shared the raw, unedited and plot-hole infested version with people to read. And I wished I didn’t. While people loved it, I started to fall out of love with it.


Because I wasn’t ready. For the ideas I had, I didn’t have the capacity or skill of writing such a complex story. It came out all rushed and wrong, influenced by comments made by readers and other aspects; such as Twilight was massive at the time I was writing The Wolf Cave, and a lot of people complained that my werewolves weren’t, well, like Stephanie Meyer’s.

As the years went by, I progressed, as a writer and as a storyteller too. I adopted my own style and really got to know my limits. I’m not the best writer out there, but I’m glad that I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I looked back on The Wolf Cave and thought, no. I couldn’t leave this book unfinished. I had to finish it. But I knew the only way to do this was a complete rewrite and to go dark.

I hadn’t really shared much online for years, so people didn’t really know which direction I would take The Wolf Cave. This wasn’t like one of my thriller stories were the horror was to be expected. This was taking a book and turning it into something I knew it needed to become if I was going to be taken seriously as a writer.

A risk, maybe. But a risk I will stand by. The decision to edit The Wolf Cave had to be made. I had to do it for me and the characters in order to move on. So I revamped. But what changed?

Let’s find out, shall we?





Let’s discuss all things Colton Dawson. I have to get this out of my system. I had major issue with first draft Colton. MAJOR. Reading back, I made so many mistakes with this character. The only excuse I have is that I was young and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I’ve since forgiven myself, because I realise it’s okay to get it wrong. It was the first draft.

But it came apparent that I needed to fix him. I needed to do it for him. I won’t get into the issues that I had with him in the beginning. Instead, I’ll focus on what I changed. I’ve currently posted up to chapter 10 on Wattpad of the new draft, and so far, people think he’s an asshole.

Haha! I’m okay with people thinking that. Because it was intended for him to come across that way at first. The best characters are the ones disliked at first, in my opinion, and bear in mind that there’s a lot of story to cover and you can’t know a character by chapter ten.

I eliminated the insta-attraction/insta-love between him and Layla. It had to go, because it was unrealistic and I didn’t want a romance to happen with no substance. Both Layla and Colton are stubborn characters. Based on the things they’ve both been through in their lives, it wouldn’t be in their nature to allow love in so damn easily.

That’s not to say that they don’t have a connection. They do. In this version I’ve made it more apparent that when Colton bites Layla, they create this unbreakable bond with a couple of add-ons.

  1. They have a mind-link. They can look inside eachother’s mind. They can see memories, desires, past and present.
  2. If any physical damage happens to one, the other gets it too. For instance, if Colton get’s accidentally clawed, it will be inflicted on Layla. If Colton dies, Layla dies.

There are other things, but I’d ruin the story if I got into them all. But, yes, it’s massively inconvenient for Colton when Layla comes into his life. It’s like throwing a ball at someones face. The impact knocks him back. He’s got his own things going on, so when she comes along, he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Everything I write in this book I have a reason for. Nothing is as it seems. Nothing. Colton is a complex character. He has major issues. I’m not saying some of the stuff he does is right. God no. The way he handles Layla is brutal and sometimes careless. BUT THERE IS A REASON. I don’t want to give too much away because the story isn’t complete, but all I can say is trust me on this.

Colton isn’t the monster you all assume.








Fun- fact.

The Wolf Cave came from a dream. We know that The Wolf Cave is a night club in a town called Lanten, but in my dream it was an actual cave and girls were lured in and ‘taken’ by a wolf. 





The story follows a character called Layla Honda, an eighteen year old, fresh out of high school and getting ready for College. With her parents off on one of their many escapades, Layla lives with her older brother, Ray. While she leads a pretty normal life, she’s had her fair share of bad experiences in the past that have left mental scars.

While there is so much going on behind the scenes with Layla, like what secrets is she harboring that Colton saw? How could she always sense danger when she was human? Why is she different?

Layla is my main character because she’s, quite simply, awesome. The more I write her, the more I love her. When we first meet her, we don’t meet her. She’s hid the real her away for so long. So when Colton starts to unravel all that, we start to see the person for who she really is. Which is head-strong, family-orientated and a somebody who will just about do anything for the person she loves.While her story is one bumpy ride, and you don’t know what will happen next, we haven’t arrived to the side-story with her and Vicky. I can’t wait until I start writing those scenes, because it shows you what kind of character Layla really is.

That’s all I have time for in today’s Behind The Screams. Because I’ve not finished the new version of The Wolf Cave, there’s not much I can talk about without spoiling it. Don’t worry, I will be going more in depth when the story is complete.

Stay tuned for more Behind the Screams. I’ve got some exciting things coming up in October (my favourite month) including sharing a new story exclusive to my website only.

If you’re new and looking to read The Wolf Cave, click on this link:

A message to my readers…

If you’re following me on my journey, thank you. Thank you for your patience and understanding of my need to re-work this book.  I know updates are slow on this story, but it’s only because I want to get it right.

That being said, I have come to the decision to put myself a few chapters ahead of what is up on Wattpad at the moment. So that I’ll always be ahead and updates won’t be so long apart. This is going to take me a little while, and I’m going to do the same for His To Keep too. It also gives me a chance to maybe think about publishing, whether it be trying traditional or self.

Thank you for reading!

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