Book Cover Love

Hey everyone!

I was in a writer’s funk last week, partly because I wasn’t well and also because I purchased The Sims 4 and got slightly addicted. Okay, I got horrifically addicted. In my defense it’s The Sims. Come on. It’s great.

But anyway, aside from getting lost in the land simming, writing wasn’t happening. So I knew I needed a break. Which brings me to this blog post. When I get in one of my funks, I like to go places, which you all know from my last blog post of, ‘Ways to get Inspired.’

I took a trip to a town called Wexford today. Whenever I go, I always go into a bookshop called Reader’s Paradise. It’s like book heaven. Rows and rows of books. All kinds of genres, including comics. It’s beautifully laid out and the smell of all those books. Wow.

I’m one of those people who like to go in, pick up a random book and look at covers. I’m a sucker for really nice book covers. I can’t help it. Don’t worry, I would never judge a book by its cover. That’s completely against my nature as a writer to ever do that. But I can appreciate good book cover art and, to be honest, all these book cover designers just don’t get enough credit.


Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon is just one of the book covers in this series that is gorgeous. The book itself sounds brilliant, so I can’t wait to read. If you have any time, check out all the others. I applaud the cover designer. Just, ugh. Book cover envy.


Switched by Amanda Hocking is another book with a beautiful book cover. I love the pink against the black and white. It’s stunning. Even the placement of the title. The story itself sounds compelling. Can’t wait to read it.


And because I’m a massive werewolf book fan, I picked this alpha female book, Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Excited to read this one.

What book cover gives you book cover envy?



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