Blog Challenge #3 OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Hello Screamers…

Okay, before we start, I just want to warn you now that I’m no fashion expert and don’t want to be. I barely follow trends and I wear what I like. But as you all know, I’m following a challenge, and it wants my outfit of the day.

God sake…


I couldn’t choose, so I’ll just give show you three outfits instead. Why not? Also because this is my author blog, I will show how I dress my female characters too.

Here is my outfit (s) of the day!






I’m basically black skinny jeans EVERYTHING in colder months. If not black skinny jeans, then I’ll go with black tights (If I decide to wear a skirt or a dress). For autumn, I love wearing my checkered shirts, jumpers and scarfs like the ones in the pictures above. Teamed up with either my heeled boots or my laced up ones, whichever. Everything I’m wearing is comfortable and warm. Because, come on, being cold sucks.


Perfume of choice: Coco Chanel, Mademoiselle. OR, Gucci Bamboo.

The Characters…

  Here are four of my female characters OOTD. Can you guess who belongs to who?

(Hint: It’s between, Megan, Ava, Layla and Eve)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy my blog post. I’ll be posting another tomorrow.

I’m regular on other social media websites too.


Instagram: @Lydia_Goodfellow

Snapchat: Lydia16125


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