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Hello Screamer darlings… 😉



(OOTD: BLACK EVERYTHNG! I love my black clothes. Matches my soul ;))

Hope you’re all well!

I think it’s safe to say that I absolute suck at blog challenges. Haha! I’ve missed a few days, but to be fair to myself, I’ve been working hard on my Halloween project, which I am so excited to share with you all. Between writing with a deadline, working and being a mummy, I have days when I’m so exhausted I just want to close the curtains and stay in bed.

Not that I can even do that. 😛

But anyway, to make up for it, I’ll do this instead.

Last week or so, a lovely person by the name of, Kayla (@Ideophobia, on Wattpad) Yeah, hi. *waves*, gave me an idea of getting my readers to ask me questions in order to get to know me better.

So, last week, I sent out a message to you guys to ask me questions, personal or book related. I got loads of questions, privately and on my message board to answer. So. here goes.

1.Will His To Keep be divided into two separate books? How long will it be?


Yes! There will be a second book. I’m hoping for it to be the same length as the first one, and there will only be two books in this series. I realised there was so much more to tell with this story. The feedback I got from the first draft was basically my readers saying they weren’t satisfied with the ending. I thought I rushed it personally and there was definitely potential for more. The idea of asking for honest reviews was that I could go back and redo it, therefore give you a more satisfying ending. Which I think a second book will make up for.

2. Where is Fruit Slot, Deadly Nightmares and other Lydia books? Will you be uploading them again on Wattpad?

This is hard to explain, so bear with me. When I took time out from Wattpad and writing, I got every story draft I had up and went through them all with a comb. The likes of Fruit Slot have been developed into a series, which ties into other books. I re-thought everything. I’ve started the beginning draft on Wattpad of Fruit Slot, and its sister book, Sugar Bad. However, I will be working on them off Wattpad for the time being, because I have started to prefer that way of working. It minimizes the stress. So, the likes of Deadly Nightmares, and my other books that have come and gone, the same could happen to them. Not all of them now, but the majority. I have three series on the go at the moment, and two back burners. I want to get these finished first before I create anything else. The Halloween special I’m working on now ties into an existing series I have. As for uploading, it depends. Not everything I write will be appropriate for Wattpad, and I will be venturing on other writing platforms.


3. What is the first book you ever fell in love with?


Hands down. Virginia Andrews, Flowers in the Attic. I liked other books before this, but this was the only book I actually felt in my heart and fell in love with. Then it was the same for the rest of the series.

4. Hardest and easiest character to write?

Oh god, tough one. Okay, my easiest is Megan (Sugar Bad). I love her. I love writing her. Her mind works in all kinds of dark ways and she’s incredibly unpredictable and crazy. But she’s one of those characters that don’t care and I love writing that. My hardest is, at the moment, Colton. (The Wolf Cave). I understand him, know his backstory and his mind, but he’s sulking and won’t speak to me at the moment. Men *rolls eyes*. Suffice to say, I find my psychotic characters way easier to write, like Father Aaron. What a blast!

5. Does you son have an interest in books?



Yes, he does! I think he likes playing with books rather than the actual reading part. ;P He flicks through the pages and looks at the pictures, babbling in his own language. But he does love it when I read to him because I make him laugh. At the moment his favourites are Mickey Mouse one with a little pop-up puppet, and a baby wolf making new friends. He also likes to pull out all my books and just look at them. Hopefully he will enjoy reading when he’s older.

6) Where do you see yourself in a year, and in the future?

Hmm, at least have completed all the book series I have on the go at the moment and looking to publishing some of them! Getting my head down and working hard for my kid. It’s hard to say, anything can happen, so I don’t like to plan. Whatever happens, I just hope all is good.

7) In your own opinion, what is your greatest strength as a writer and what is your worst?

When it comes to strength, it’s hard to answer in my own opinion, because I don’t even think I have any. That’s my self-doubt though. I like to think that when I write, I’m getting inside a reader’s soul and wrecking havoc with their emotions. I like the idea that I move people. That’s cool. My worst as a writer is having too many ideas at once. It hurts my head and I get blocked. I also have a bad habit of over-complicating a sentence or paragraph when I’m writing. I also can’t write normal. Not that this is a bad thing, but referring back to having too many ideas, I have too many messed up plots inside of my head I’m surprised my head hasn’t exploded. I have nightmares most of the time because of them. Haha!

8) Do you have any other talents that don’t include writing?

I think so. I’m also a photographer. I love taking pictures. Rather than doing anything writing related in school, I did a three year degree in university for Photography instead. I stopped practicing when I had my son, but I’ve been doing a little in my free time again. Comes in handy.

9) What is your daily routine like?

I sleep until my son wakes me in the morning for food. I crawl out of bed, bad bed hair, put on my housecoat because it’s cold, and let my son out of his room. He runs ahead to sit at the table for breakfast. I make him breakfast and myself either a cup of coffee or tea (depending on how tired I am). After that he goes and plays in his bedroom, so I take my tea or coffee back to bed and just chill out for a bit. Sometimes he’ll come in for cuddles. So after waking up, I’ll wash, get dressed, grab a quick bite to eat then go out somewhere for some fresh air and exercise, or to run errands and shop. In the evening I might read for a bit or watch a few movies. Play a few games with my son. Then after his supper and he’s in bed, I’ll get on my laptop to write until my brain turns to mush. I’ll wash before bed, get into my pyjamas and sleep. Then repeat that. Some days might be different. I might get treated to date nights by the boyf and spoiled 😛 But that’s generally what happens.

10) All of your characters are stuck in a burning building. You can see one of them lying on the ground unconscious, and it’s safe enough for you to run and save that character- but only that character. Who is it that you save?

I’ll work my way from the top of the stories I have going at the moment. Father Aaron, John and Penny can burn because they’re evil. I can’t save Ava and not save Callum, because she can’t live without him. I can’t save Callum and not Ava, because it’s the same for him. It would be cruel, so I would have to leave them. 😥 (This is so sad). The likes of Colton and Layla can bust their way out of a fire themselves because they’re werewolves. I hope they save Callum and Ava. So, it’s between Eve and Megan. I’d save Megan, even though she would hate me for not saving Eve. I’d save her because she’s been through too much to burn in a fire!

11) What was the first book you wrote? What prompted you to write it?

Formally known as Today Tomorrow Forever, also known as Forever Tainted. Now known as a book series. I have no idea what prompted me to write it. I guess I wanted to write something a little different than what was the norm on Wattpad. Who knows. It was years ago when I first wrote this so I don’t actually recall where I got inspired from. This book makes me laugh. It’s so weird and crazy. Half of it makes no sense, but it was the beginning, so it’s special. ❤

12) When writing, do you plan? What does your planning look like?

Very rare that I sit down and plan a book. I don’t write things down. It’s all in my head. I have ideas, plots, characters all stored up in my brain. When it comes to actually writing, I throw myself in there and let the chips fall. I also have gotten into the habit of editing as I go along, so if something’s not working, I’ll stop, re-think and write it a different way. I have brought so many fancy notepads and pens to write stuff down, but I’d rather just write it and fix it later. So my plan is, write first, think later.

13) Advice for aspiring writers?

Be yourself and write your heart out. I’ve been writing online for a long time, and questions land in my inbox like, ‘How do I get as many followers as you?’ ‘Why do your books have so many reads?’ (Back before I started again). The worst, ‘How do you get Wattpad famous.’ (What even is that? Why is that a thing?) Firstly, stop focusing on Wattpad hierarchy, or how many followers you have and the number of reads next to your book. You’re under an illusion that it means something because other writers are getting somewhere with having a few million reads on their books, but get out that illusion. Look at the bigger picture. You want to achieve a goal, you work for it yourself. You don’t wait for it to come to you, because chances are you’ll be waiting for nothing. Time wasted. The satisfaction is so much more rewarding if you go for it yourself. You want to write, you write. Write books that mean something to you. Get your ideas down, whatever they are. Write from your heart and soul. Put your blood, sweat and tears into it if you have too. Because your readers will SEE that. Find your style and voice with words. It took me a while to find mine, but I found it and I’m set in my ways now. I will write for myself first. If you want to write that really messed up dark story that’s been loitering around inside of your head, write it. You want to write that cliche cheesy romance, write it. But be true to yourself. Be honest. Most importantly, have fun!

14) Current books you’re reading/loving?

15) Can we have a sneak peak of your Halloween story?

Of course!


”  I turned, readying myself to leave. I walked over to the door, but just as I opened it, a hand slammed it shut. Jumping in fright, I twirled around to find him standing with his hand leaning against the wood. A gasp flew from my mouth when he moved forward, suddenly backing me up against the door.

I froze.

The back of my throat went dry and my heart slammed against my chest.

“Call it unconventional, but now I’m fascinated.” He leaned in closer. I couldn’t breathe. The flames from the fire were suddenly in his eyes, burning right through me. “You say you’re un-saveable. A murderer. You’re afraid. I don’t know why, but its making you give up. Making you weak. Yet, I can see so much bitterness and anger inside of you, I’m intrigued.”

“You shouldn’t waste your time,” I replied in a hollow whisper. “I put someone on a pedestal they didn’t deserve to be on. I paid for that mistake by the hands of someone evil. The baby was the outcome. I wanted to die that night too, but I didn’t…”

And now I would never find the peace of death. Not anytime soon, anyway.

A hot tear fell from my eye, but he lifted his hand and captured it with his finger.

“Ever thought that maybe you’re not meant to be saved?” he asked. I frowned in confusion. He leaned in even closer. My breathing hitched. I pressed my back into the door more. Goosebumps rose to life on my skin. I could feel his hot breath on my lips, the fire licking my skin. “Maybe this wasn’t a coincidence we met today. I’ve been looking for someone like you. You got my curiosity piqued. I’ve power here, and something about you makes me want to shake hell for you. You give me something I want, and I’ll give you something you want in return.”

“What?” I asked, confused. Tantalized. “What do you want?”

He smiled and took a step back. Lifting his hand, he brushed his finger over his lip, looking lost in thought. But also…excited. “Why don’t I show you instead? I’ll pick you up at eight at your place. Slip into something nice. The place I’m taking you has a dress code.”

“I don’t understand.” I shook my head.

“You will,” he replied. “I can see the blurred lines, Heidi Adams, and this is what happens when you show your soul to the devil.”  ”

Thanks for reading!

Have a question? Ask away. I didn’t get to answer all my questions in this blog post, so I’m thinking of making another one.

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