NOVEMBER Catch Up/Q&A/News


Happy November!

Okay. Wow. *Takes a breather* October was a crazy busy month. I didn’t anticipate it to be THAT busy. But when you gotta write, you gotta write.

To catch you all up on the happenings of myself, I decided to place all editing on hold and work on something new. If you’re following me actively on other social media platforms, you will know by now that myself, and an author called, Lana Sky (I’ll leave all her links at the bottom) decided to do a Halloween collaboration.

We wanted to do something for you guys, because it was Halloween (my favourite holiday) I had to do something special. We wanted to write something dark. Something really taboo. Something that would horrify and shock readers. Something that you want to look away from, but can’t.

Then we both give brain birth to our boys, Milton and Maxim. Owners of Club Triple X. They’re hot. They’re rich. They’re…psychopaths. Haha.

I’ve had a dark story brewing inside of me for some time now, so it’s brilliant to finally get it out of my system. Not only that, I’ve just proved to myself that I CAN write 40,000 words in a month. (Not the full length of the novel). But I can do it if I put my mind to it.

So, without further ado. Let me introduce you to my dark baby. Milton XXX (Club Triple X)


Heidi Adam’s is broken beyond repair, but Milton Hood doesn’t want to fix her. Broken girls don’t have wings to fly away. She can’t leave. And even when her past comes to wreck havoc some more, he’ll do just about anything to stop it. Even kill. Because once your his, you’re his forever.

A Triple X Club novel.

Enter the world of Club XXX. Three men. One club. Their rules. 


Available to read on Radish Fiction now. Download at the App store. Updates regular. 

This book is under a freemium option. You can either pay to unlock chapters early, or wait the number of days for it to unlock.

Why Radish, Lydia? 

I’m at the stage now where I think it’s time to start branching out and trying new things. Radish gives me the opportunity to produce better quality books. I want you to be able to read good quality, full books. Not only that, I’ll be able to self-publish soon too.


@wistfulsmile aksed: What or who are you planning on dressing as this Halloween?

I dressed up as Miss Kreuger… 😛

AND, I did this for fun…


-wxrdz- asked: Where do you get your inspiration from when coming up with a story?

I pull inspiration from everywhere and everything. My main ones are reading books, watching TV shows/ movies. Dreams. People. Life. There’s no right or wrong way of coming up with an idea. Some people sit down and plan their books scene by scene, while others just jump straight into writing and work it out along the way.

GeliFV asked: When did you realize that writing was your strong point or gift in life. As in, when did it dawn on you that you wanted to become a writer?

This is a good question. When I look back, I realise that I’ve actually been writing for a long time. I remember this one time I was in school, and my English teacher asked us all to write a short horror story for our Creative writing module. I wrote this story about a girl exploring a haunted house and a lot of horrific things happened to her and she ended up staying. So I wrote it and didn’t think nothing of it, and the teacher told me she was really impressed and I got a good mark for that. So, I was like, okay I don’t know if any of you remember this, but when The Sims 2 came out on PC, you were able to create stories and upload them to their website. (It’s shut down now) But at the time, I was creating little sim stories and uploading them onto their website and loads of people enjoyed them, which was great. So after that I was reading a lot, and when I turned 16, I came across Wattpad and realised you could upload your own story. I’d been playing around with the idea when I decided to just do it. I wasn’t a fantastic writer, and when I first started, I got a lot of stick. But as the years went on and I progressed, I realised I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. No matter what I’ve never been able to shake writing. It’s always there. Always my outlet. If I didn’t have it, maybe I’d be insane? 😛

Thanks for the questions! If you have ANY more, don’t be shy. Ask away. If I missed you question, come throw it at me again. 🙂


  • Milton XXX should be fully available by American Thanksgiving (Mid-November to us Europeans).
  • All editing will resume and plans for publishing will commence this month.
  • I’m addicted to coffee again.
  • I created a FACEBOOK GROUP! Yeah. There’s wine upon entry and a cool new cloak for you all to wear so that when we light the candles, we can chant and shiz 🙂 COME JOIN THE FUN!
Lana Sky deets: 
Wattpad: @Lana_sky
Radish: @Lana_sky
Facebook Group:

THANKS FOR READING! I’ll be back with lots of kewl things.


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