S I L V E R   B L O O D  S E R I E S 

T H E   W O L F   C A V E

WCStatus: Editing


When eighteen year old Layla Honda goes to a nightclub one night, she can’t help feeling like something isn’t right. When she steps foot into The Wolf Cave, a nightclub that gives off a strange vibe, she knows she’s made a terrible mistake. One that’s about to cost her. But when the doors close and the lights go out, the monsters come out to play and Layla’s world is about to be turned upside down when she’s bitten and bound to a monster with a purpose and a handsome face.


T H E  W O L F  R I N G



Status: Coming summer 2017

Synopsis : Coming Summer 2017





P U R E  H E A R T S  S E R I E S 

H I S   T O  K E E P


Status: Editing

Synopsis: Ava is taken. Forced to live in a room with a stranger, she is forced to forget everything she’s ever known. She must play the part or face the consequences. Thrown into a world of twisted dark secrets and evil, her innocence is torn apart. But locks and keys can only hide away so much. When Ava starts to fall for the boy with a tortured soul, she must choose what she wants most. Freedom. Or him.



H E R S  T O  K E E P


Status: Coming summer 2017

Synopsis: Coming summer 2017