Answers to my most frequently asked questions…

1) Lydia, what the hell are you doing?

Well, most of the time I have no idea. But a little while ago I finished some books and decided to edit them. Long story short, I started writing when I was a teenager, and let’s just say my books were…interesting. After growing as a writer, I realised my painful first drafts had so much more potential! I made the decision to go back and work on them again.

2) Will you ever finish His To Keep and The Wolf Cave?

Hell yes! You don’t realise how determined and excited I am to finish these books.

3) After you finish editing those, what next?

I write more books!

4) Are any of your books published?

Unfortunately, no. A little while ago I was going to self-publish, but my personal life took a knock and I had to push the dream away. Maybe one day.

5) Where can I read your books?

Wattpad for now. If my books become available anywhere else, I will let you all know.

6) Why does it take you a billion years to update? 

A few reasons. A) Because I’m editing and it’s important I get these books right, which means skimming over every detail until it’s right. If I wasn’t editing, I’d be updating a lot more. B) I have a toddler. C) Netflix abducted me.

7) I don’t like the new drafts of TWC and HTK. Can I read the old version or will you ever be posting the old version up?

Sorry, but no. I will never be reposting the old drafts again. People strive to be the best they can be in life, why should I be any different?